Expanding Israeli-Foreign Business

About SkyLimit

Founded in Israel in 2003, SkyLimit is a strategic marketing and sales company
focused on helping Israeli and foreign companies establish business connections
and expand 
their business. Throughout the years, we’ve connected hundreds of
companies, resulting millions of dollars of expanded revenues.

Our team of experts provides a wide range of marketing and sales services,
ranging from market research through sales campaigns, lead generation,
business partner matching, meetings setup, and legal and regulatory assistance.


Israeli Market Entry Services

For foreign companies, we offer our intimate knowledge of the Israeli market,
which includes extensive contacts with retailers, distributors, resellers and exporters,
as well as working relationships with governmental agencies like the Israel
Manufacturers Association and Chambers of Commerce.

We accelerate and smooth our customer’s entry into the Israeli market by
opening up sales channels, finding the right business partners and removing
any legal or bureaucratic obstacles. We help identify and select the most appropriate
Israeli exporters with the exact knowledge or expertise needed.

Our services include:

Market & competitive research

  • Feasibility studies and permits acquisition
  • Distributors, resellers and exporters identification
  • Road show and meetings setup
  • Sales campaign generation and optimization
  • Lead generation


International Reach Services

For Israeli exporting companies, we offer online promotion via our
Israel Exporter site. Our team helps Israeli companies enter new markets by
identifying partners and resellers in Europe, North/South America, and Asia Pacific,
and assists in setting up international marketing and sales activities.


Company Mission

With our business focused on matching multicultural parties, we keep the highest
standards of integrity and provide professional and reliable services to advance
the interests of customers on both sides.